The Community Addictions Peer Support Association (CAPSA) is a nonprofit organization of people affected by addiction. We are located in Ottawa, Canada.

We strive to empower individuals impacted by addiction by providing opportunities to integrate into the broader community through peer support initiatives and community engagement projects. We support all pathways to recovery and endeavour to collaborate with other organizations that provide services for those in need of help.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals affected by addiction by providing resources and opportunities to integrate into their community. 

Our Vision

We envision a world where all individuals affected by addiction have access to the support they need when seeking help, without stigma or discrimination. 

A world that is aware of the underlying causes of addiction, and actively works towards reducing their impact on people in our communities.

A world where recovery-focused services and supports are based on collaboration and partnership.

A world where communities are celebrated for their perseverance and commitment to recovery.

Our GUIDING Principles

CAPSA has adopted ten principles that guide the development of our initiatives and programs.

Our principles are derived from our understanding of recovery from addiction and how it affects individuals, families and communities.

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CAPSA is a registered Canadian non-profit organization governed by an active board of directors that meets once a month. Press here to download our bylaws.  

For more information about our organization, please contact:

Anthony Esposti

Community Addictions Peer Support Association
P.O. Box 23121
Fairlawn Plaza
Ottawa, Ontario
K2A 1H0




ConnexOntario provides 24/7 service information for people experiencing problems with mental health and addictions:


CAPSA is currently funded by the generous donations of members of our community. If you would like to contribute, please click the button below. All donations are issued a receipt.